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Specialised Product and technique training


Distinctive Features are proud to be the first in Australia to off Botched Ink® from the UK. A new saline removal solution and technique. It is 'recommended' that you do this course even if you have been certified in saline removal before .

However ... you can also purchase the product by uploading your current training certificate

Qualified users can get product access by uploading their certified PDF.


Botched Ink® training is for Certified Microbladers, Permanent Makeup and Scalp Micropigmentation Technicians

Tattoo removal is such an amazing, yet potentially complicated subject.  At Botched Ink® we want you to feel fully confident, knowing that you’re not only carrying out a treatment properly, but you’re also getting the best results for your clients

We’ll teach you how to answer the eternal ‘How many sessions?’ question, and help you grow your own Botched Ink® business, with access to all our adverts, Before & After photos, and a listing on the Find a Local Technician map on this website.  It’s getting lots of attention from clients looking for removal.

Product Details

IMPORTANT: Botched Ink is for trained non-laser tattoo removal techs only: We’d love you to try Botched Ink® and see if you’d like to join us as an Official Botched Ink® technician.  You must upload your non-laser tattoo removal training certificate.

  • Pack of 10 x 2ml single use sachets

Official Botched Ink® Technicians do not need to upload their Certificate

Ingredients:  Aqua, Sodium Chloride (dead sea salt), Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice powder, Neopres COS (preservative system), Zea Mays (corn starch), Aluminium Sulphate, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hydroxide.  A detailed explanation of these ingredients is listed towards the bottom of this page.  Copyright Beautiful Ink 2020 – All rights reserved


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