Soft Tanning Pack


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  • 1 Silk Exfoliating Mitt: Minx Made afterglow Silk Exfoliating Glove is designed for the removal of your previous faux tan, removal of dead skin cells and restores your skins natural appearance. afterglow Silk Exfoliating Glove is a 100% Raw Silk exfoliating product that is used for pre tan preparation assisting with longevity and even fading of your spray tan
  • 1  PH Balance Body Wash 500ml: This luxurious body wash doesn’t dry out your skin. PH balanced with skin conditioners that reset and replenish whilst protecting your skin from moisture loss.
  • 1 Gradual Tanning Moisturiser 251ml: A Gradual Tanning Moisturiser designed to be used daily to develop into a natural tan. A combination 3 in 1 lotion, Bronzing Bliss resets and replenishes while giving you the illusion of a natural tan.
  • 1 Self Tanning Rose Water 125ml: Rose Hyaluronic Self Tanning water is a buildable self tanning water containing Hyaluronic Acid to smooth out the appearance of cellulite and Rose Geranium to target fine lines and wrinkles on your decolletage.
  • 1 Hyaluronic Sheet face Mask: Boost the skins hydration 
  • 1 Silk Sleep Mask 


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