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Facial Treatments

We are so lucky to announce being the first clinic in Australia to carry a new and revolutionary skin care range called BDR Medical Beauty. This is a high end German made medical skin care line aimed at incredible results using the best quality patented ingredients for Anti-aging , acne, sensitivity and all other skin problems you may experience. The BDR system advanced facial includes modalities such as micro skin needling, micro dermabrasion and skin peeling all in the same treatment. The specially designed apparatus for this treatment is like no other and the results speak for themselves!

Our lactic acid peel is an active yet gentle exfoliating treatment that aids dehydrated, sun damaged and pigmented skins. It amplifies natural moisture properties to help achieve the appearance of a firmer and brighter skin.

Along with the lactic peel we also have a salicylic acid peel which provides a deep thorough cleansing of congested pores. Salicylic acid is best designed for acneic skins and helps to calm a red skin as well as managing any further flare ups.


BDR Medical Beauty

BDR System Advanced Facial $150

BDR Simple Facial $90

Skin Peel Prices

Express Peel
30 minutes @ $ AUD70.00

Acne Peel with Extractions
1 hour @ $ AUD120.00

Carbon Peel 
45 minutes @ $ AUD180.00

Dermal Skin Needling

1 treatment $300

3 treatment package $750 ($250 per treatment*) 

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